Client’s Top up Story



“I am Christa Ettinger from Mülheim in Germany. I am here with my husband Phil Leonard McCaulley who is a Ghanaian. But my step son Jude McCaulley is still in Ghana schooling. He is the one I sent the topup to. You can see him, my husband and myself in the picture.

Jude my step son , the friends and family members of my husband normally use the credit topups to keep in contact with us here in Germany. They are often surprise how I manage to send the credit onto their phone automatically. And I do tell them it is through an online credit topup company called PrepaidUnion. They also use part of the credit to buy internet bundles so we could text each other on Whatsapp, Imo Video Call and so on.”



You too can send mobile top up for your family and friends abroad! For instant top up, click link below;

Rainer of Thailand

I stay every year for 2-3 month in Thailand. All years I need two new SIM cards. So I must send to my family and my friends the new phone numbers with sms. Do I this not so some do not answer my call.
With Prepaid Union I can top up all 2 month the SIM cards now.
I will never lost the phone numbers and all in my family and all my friend have my phone number from now.
I say thanks to Prepaid Union for this way and thanks to the Prepaid Union Helpdesk because they help every time and give the best, thanks.
– Rainer Phuripatwattanakul

Labor Day!

Labor Day in the Philippines (also known as “Araw ng Manggagawa” in Tagalog) is a public holiday celebrating the Filipino worker, the workers’ unions and is a chance to remember the hard-fought workers’ rights. It is also a day for unions to bring attention to current issues affecting workers.

05.01.2015 - Labor Day