Please read the story of Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Marianne van den Boom


I wil tell you our personal story and who the receivers are.
Now it is the son of a little family on Bali. We know the family already for many years.

As an attachment we sent you a picture from that family, father Komang – mother Nyoman – daughter Indah and son Bram.
On the picture you see also my wife and me.

In the past we sent our friends as a birthday present some money, but they never received the birthday card with the money. So we stopped with this and instead of that we sent each of them some “pulsa” as a birthday present – SAFE – QUICK – AND WITHOUT ANY RISK And they appreciate that very much.

We use Prepaid Union already about 5 years and we live in Venray in the Netherlands.

I hope it will be a good promotion for Prepaid Union and give more people the idea to sent family or friends in Indonesia or other countries.

-Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Marianne van den Boom

Read below the Story of Mr. Sunil of the Netherlands

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I am Sunil Marapin from the Netherlands.

Our NGO (Non governmental organization) is already active in Nepal for a couple of years now.

After the earthquake, we became more active than before.

We work with local youth of Nepal, and most of them are students.

I often use Prepaid Union service to send top up to a student who do a lot of services to poor with these amount she can stay in contact with me.

-Sunil Marapin from Sairam Foundation, Holland

Story of Mr. Amin Mahmoud of Lebanon


Well it’s this girl I’ve been “online friends” with for 6 years. We met last September 5 for the first time, and will hopefully meet again in the near future! And this is one of the ways of showing how much I value her, by sending her 10Eur top up once or twice each month.

I use your service from several countries, I travel a lot. But I always top up to Syria. Ive been using this service for almost 8 months, and dont know what I’d do without it :). The first time I sent her top up she went crazy and thought somebody did that by mistake and I laughed so much and told her a week after!

-Amin Mahmoud

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Story of Mr. Herman van Lee of the Netherlands




“I am 75 years old, married for 33 years to Filipina, living in Holland. As we are both pensioned, we alternate for half year between Manila and Holland.
I use a dual simcard cellphone with a SMART card for Philippines and also by roaming in Holland for making it possible for my wife’s relatives with SMART to text me for 1 Peso per message.

For Holland I use Lebara, as they offer cheap calls to Philippines. When in Manila, I use Prepaid Union to top-up my own SMART simcard.
When one of our Filipina relatives needs a top-up, I can send load to her from Holland or Philippines. I am using your services already for many years to great satisfaction.

Mostly within half a minute, load is added to recipient. Your service is reasonable priced and fast.”

-Herman van Lee


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