Peter of Bali, Indonesia

I am Peter Louwerens, I was born in Bali, Indonesia, but I live in Holland. Thank you very much for settling my mistake and correct it the right way. My friend in Bali has indeed received the 100.000 IDT top-up on her mobile.
I have an export business in Bali with a Balinese partner, my company is called Burung Padi Trading (, and for now I export raw coffee beans from Bali (Kintamani Arabica) and I sell them to coffee roasters in Holland and Germany. My wife and I already go to Bali since 2009 every year and we first helped a Balinese family to get a better income by building a 6-room homestay in Ubud. We invested our own money in it (60% as a gift and 40% as a loan) and since June 2011 this is one of the most successful homestays in Ubud (Jangkrik Homestay, I did not only help building the house, but I also built their Wifi network, their websites and the booking program for internet. All bookings were done by internet by me from Holland until 2014. Now they are capable to run the internet business themselves and the staff is trained according to cleaning standards that we learned them. After this success our name was known in and around Ubud and more homestay owners asked us for support. Since one year another homestay has found the road to success with our help (ThreeWin Homestay, This time mainly by website and internet handling.
At the moment I am creating the website for a third homestay opening later this year. Since I am already retired since 2012, I can look for business from my home and last year I started importing coffee beans. Since Bali Kintamani coffee is not so well known it was only logical to start importing a small batch from the harvest of July 2014. My main reason to do this is again to develop wealth and more income for my friends in Bali, in this case my good friend and partner Wayan Suastawa and his family. Wayan arranges all the negotiations, quality control and export handling for me. The next harvest will be in July this year and at the moment I can still deliver from my stock in Oisterwijk. As you can imagine I have many friends in Bali and I have daily contact with many of them by LINE, BBM, GMAIL, SMS. In Indonesia almost all of them buy PULSA for their phones when they need to call or sms or internet.
I buy Top-up at Prepaid Union for them from time to time. It is very easy and there is very little overhead costs on your prices. Also the top-up is very quick, within 15 minutes most of the times. I am a very satisfied user and will continue to be a regular client of your company.

– Peter Louwerens