Happy Independence Day Tunisia!

After two years of negotiation, Tunasia gained its Independence from France between the French and the Neo-destour which means “New constitution” party which was backed by the trade union on March 20, 1956. But the first Independence movement was formed by the young Tunisian party on 1907. With the threat of Independence, the French immediately banned Neo Destour and sent Bourguiba in prison for 20 years. Upon his return to Tunisia, he  proposed a concept of gradual independence for Tunisia which was supported by most Tunisians.  In June 1954, new French Prime Minister Pierre Mendes came to power and immediately instituted a withdrawal policy from Tunisia to lessen the violent backlashes occurring in the colonies. On November, 1955, France granted Independence to Morocco which held the way to Tunisia to get their own Independence. On March 20, 1956, Tunisia finally achieved its Independence that made a way to French, Tunisia and Western powers to remained in good relation and maintained its significant economy and culture.

03.20.2015 - Tunisia