Dominican Republic Independence Day


The Dominican Independence War gave the Dominican Republic autonomy from Haiti on February 27, 1844. Before the war, the island of Hispaniola had been united under the Haitian government for a period of 22 years when the newly independent nation merged with Haiti in 1822. Due to the Haitian governments mismanagement, tax disputes, military violations, and an economic crisis, the Dominican people decided to forcefully overthrow the Haitian government with no compromises.

After winning the war and ousting the Haitian occupying force from the country, Dominican nationalists had to fight against a series of Haitian incursions that served to consolidate their independence (1844-1856). Haitian soldiers would make incessant attacks to try to gain back control of the territory, but these efforts were to no avail as the Dominicans would go on to decisively win every battle.

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