Fred of Indonesia

May I introduce myself… my name is Fred van Midde.. I was born in Indonesia, grew up in the Netherlands and 12 years ago, I take an early retirement and moved to Indonesia…I live in Manado.. North Sulawesi… Once a year I go, one or two months, back to Holland to visit family and friends and… for the dutch food, I miss that also.
When I’m in Holland,I like it to have contact with my friends in Indonesia, but maybe you know, Indonesia is a country with many poor people, so I looked for a possibility to sent load to their mobile phone…and I “found” Prepaid Union…an easy, fast and safe way, to sent load to an indonesian mobile number.
If I back in Indonesia, also many times I sent load to my friends and my own number by Prepaid Union…..I live rather far from the city and in the night, the counters that sell load, are closed..And not like in Holland you can buy load in every shop, supermarket, petrol station and also online..Ok√©, the load if I buy it here is cheaper, but..if you add transport and petrol and….time is also money!
So already a few years, I have a very good experience with Prepaid Union.