Love at First Sight of Kasia

My story with prepaid union is so so romantic.
One day when i was on my holidays i see him…
My heart start to beat so quickly. In this moment i forget about all world.
The first time i know what means love.
And it stated…
After my comming back to home it was not enough to have a contact by internet.
I need to hear his voice…
I need to hear and feel his breath…
The worst was fact that he is poor… But he has big heart. He work but all his money he give family to they can live. Is it normal in this life to do smth like that?
I start to search, and i find the most easy way to be with him in contact, but with dont give him reason to pay for this.I found prepaid union.
From 4 months we stay like that in contact.
This give us help and hope to dont loose our love, to feel each other every minute when we need this so much.
Thank u my prepaid union 🙂